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Charlotte Goddard-Kirkwood is a woman who has conquered many areas in life. She is a mother of three adult children, grandmother of three, and Certified Life Coach who specializes in assisting single women who are dealing with relationship issues that may have caused abandonment & rejection. For someone who is learning how to balance life wearing so many hats, would do everything in her power to ensure every consultation call will help mend your quality of life.

Take control of


Feeling Stuck? Let's face it, we all have been down that road. The only difference that separates those who are lost/ stuck and those who advanced are those who reach out in any form to better their lives. There is no fast track to anything nor are there any shortcuts in life. This leaves you with two options; figure it all out on your own and pray for the best, or reach out to someone who has been through it. A mentor figure is someone who will allow you to alleviate most of your struggles just by following a simple blueprint; learn from their struggles so you can elevate yourself. 


Your Greatest Self.


There is a Story within all of us. Please allow yourself to take a step back and enjoy every chapter of it. The key to everything in life is the understanding that you have the power to create and manifest everything you desire. All it takes is patience and the right mindset. 


High Quality  Life Consultant 

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I just finished reading your book. Wow. I would have never known you have been through all that. But, God. So glad that your living, walking with Him. To God be the glory

-R. C.

Wow i just finished ur book. I decided to stop reading TD JAKE'S. Couldn't put it down read it in an hour or less. Wow never knew. Excellent book


Charlotte really helped me leave a very dark place I was in. From exhausting all my efforts to achieve a better life, I stumbled upon her and received a blessing like no other. I now know my purpose in life

-Darius Brewton

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Ms. Charlotte,
I received your book yesterday. Thank you so much for being obedient to God. Ok... Broken Almost Destroyed Bouncing Back was definitely meant just for me!! I’m just starting to rebuild after losing everything and was feeling so lost. I was so depressed from all the hurt, pain and disappointment that I couldn’t see my way. Reliving all the hurt and pain in my head, after I said I forgave. Some days are better than others but after reading your book (in which I have to read again and make a game plan for myself) that I can no longer just sit still. Thank you so much for encouraging me and being a blessing in my life!! you and may God continue to restore to you double for everything you lost!!! 

-D. P.

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