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Charlotte Goddard- Kirkwood

Charlotte Goddard-Kirkwood is a native of North Carolina and currently, she resides
in the state of New York. She is the CEO of both Goddard’s Empire and Goddard’s
Youth camp and Young Adult Development Center. Being reared as a “PK” kid caused her to
eventually learn how to live righteously because of Jesus and to share with others that
they can too! She has a weekly broadcast on every Wednesday
teaching Bible Study
that helps the Body of Christ to learn their “Identity” and to ‘Discover’ their purpose on
this earth. She is a motivational speaker, preacher, teacher, pastor, and a certified life coach. She
has a BS in Psychology, MA in Business Leadership, and currently working on her BA in Metaphysics. Charlotte is married to her wonderful husband Matthew Kirkwood and is the proud mother of
three children: Tradonia, Kendal, and Keyshawn and the grandmother of three: Julian,
Caleb, and Eiliyah. Charlotte is grateful for every opportunity to spread her horizons to
be used all to the Glory of God!
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